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GoGoBridge: Operations Work Management

Successful OWMs help your organization grow through automating more of your operations. It reduces time to perform each task, minimizes your multitasking, and analyzes quality to ensure optimal output.

GoGoBridge combines business process and technology to achieve this goal: a cloud based platform that automates processes and maximizes quality data entry over time. It's an overall winning strategy to help you achieve more without having to stress more so you can focus on the more important matters.

With robust analytics, a unique ticket system, and QA tools, we make it easier, efficient and cost effective to manage your data entry process. Reduce the stress and bridge the gaps with GoGoBridge. Real solutions for growing organizations that want the flexibility to do more without sacrificing quality.

Data Entry Process Evolved

100% Manual Process


50% Automated Process

Say NO to Manual Processes


    Reduce time multitasking. Manage multiple teams and campaigns at the same time in one place.


    Visibility and Metrics into your team's performance. Optimize your team with only the best performers.


    Transforms your tasks, spreadsheets, PDFs or image transcriptions into a Ticket format and watch your team's performance soar.


    Easily and securely integrate your platform via API. No more waiting for hand offs. Get things done quicker.


Analytics - It's a big deal

Enterprises that use analytics tools outperform their competitors. It enhances their productivity by 3-5% and can decrease their operational costs by up to 50%.

GoGoBridge's analytics dashboard helps you make informed decisions about your operations, costs, and process improvements. Beyond understanding how your team performs on a day to day basis, data can help you make informed decision when it comes to Operation strategies and cost competitive matters.


  • 68%

    More than 68% of companies that outsource their data entry experience a sharp increase in costs due to a lack of software, outsourcing experience, and reliance on manual process.

  • 50%

    Research in the BPO industry has shown that up to 50% of costs can be saved through using analytics tools to optimize work flows.

  • 10%

    Studies into spreadsheets concluded that 5 - 10% of data is lost annually when performing manual data transfers. Culprits include bad data pulls, formatting spreadsheet issues, and accidental deleting.

  • 550

    Engineering Hours, on average, to build your own on-boarding or data entry systems - and that's just the very basics. Even more to refine, iterate,and maintain it on a regular basis.

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